He was a giant with brow eyes 2012

Au cinéma dès le 9 mai

After her parents' divorce, Sabina followed her mother to Switzerland while her sister, Narmina, stayed with their father in Baku. Five years later, the 17 and 19 year old sisters are reunited when Sabina comes to spend her summer vacation in Azerbaijan. Yet Sabina's vacation has a secret motive: she wants to move back home to live with the father she loves so deeply. He, too, has a project of his own: he wishes to marry for the third time and has to break the news to his daughters.

Sabina, torn between two cultures, ends up following her father's advice and leaves for the countryside with her uncle. She sets out on a journey of discovery, while her sister, Narmina, is left to lament her boyfriend's departure for the army.

This film paints the portrait of the coming of age of two Azerbaijani teenagers and their quest for answers.